You may be unsure if investing is the ‘safest’ option right now as we slowly start to come out of the pandemic. Even though the economy has been affected by it, the property market has once again shown its resilience and is booming right now.

Whether you simply want to start your first investment or grow your portfolio, our group of businesses are here to help you achieve your goals.

So why should you be inventing in property now?


Reason no. 1 – CASHFLOW.

A lot of investors start with the goal of being able to replace their monthly income from their jobs, with an income from a cash-flowing property. This is money that comes straight into your bank on a monthly or annual basis, for you to spend however you like.

There are a couple of advantages to this. One being that as long as you have tenants living in and renting your property, you will always be generating a steady cash flow. And as the rental market strengthens overtime, your rentable value will also increase!

This is why patience and long-term investment strategy is crucial because you will earn higher profits as more years go by.

It might be worth noting that when buying property in this current market, your yield may be lower than you aspired to have. However, as rents follow property prices, your yield will increase over time.


Capital appreciation is where investors really win over time. Even if we played safe and assumed that property prices would increase an average of 4-5% a year, when building a portfolio in the UK property market this is where real wealth creation happens.

As the market strengthens overtime, so does the value of the property. This gives you two options, 1) let your net worth grow with the value of your property or 2) continue to refinance and reinvest equity to create a larger portfolio.


Did you know that 90% of the world’s millionaires are real estate investors?

These days, there are many ways of making money and ‘becoming rich.’

Making money and creating wealth for you and your family over time are two different objectives. Wealthy people invest in property because it is a tangible asset. It is the most reliable wealth generating tool there has ever been and it continues to go from strength to strength.


With some patience, diligence, and help from our own property experts at The NPP Group, we can help you…

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