We all know by now interior design is beneficial for your investment property, but how can you boost the value of the property using interior design techniques?

1.  You Should Consider the Property’s Target Market


When designing the property, the potential tenants should be considered. Things such as storage, special features and overall finish can attract different tenants. For HMO’s, for example, young professional tenants would be the target demographic. So having desks and spacious bedrooms for WFH tenants will be beneficial and can boost the properties rental price. 

2. Upgrade Bathrooms and Kitchen

The two main areas that often have the biggest effect on securing a better valuation are the kitchen and bathroom. Simple changes to these rooms, including re-grouting or swapping tiles, can make a huge difference to a property valuation and buyers’ perception. 

It is said creating practical, luxurious but also relatively neutral bathrooms will appeal to a much wider audience and won’t date as quickly.



3. Declutter

It is important to keep your investment property organised, clean and clear. This is important when trying to sell your property or getting tenants as the space is more appealing. You should be imaginative, inventive and clever, utilising whatever space you have to your advantage. For example, a family sized  Buy-to-let property will benefit from being a practical space, with plenty of storage.

4. Make the most of natural light

One of the most important materials you should use within your investment property is glass. It allows natural light to flood the room, making the space look larger and lifting the mood of potential tenants when viewing the property.  If your windows look out onto a natural setting, the size should be considered to offer more visibility. 

5. Check the Small Details

Whilst you may be focused on the larger design issues during the renovation process, you shouldn’t forget the smaller details. 

Stylish light fittings, including plug sockets, can enhance the interior of any home, but small touches like these are often overlooked. The same goes for door handles and having properly measured curtains, which can add a luxury feel to your interiors.

The small details don’t end with fittings. When you are conducting viewings you should consider the other senses. It goes without saying, the house should look great for potential buyers… but consider having freshly brewed coffee or a cake baking in the oven when you have potential tenants or valuation viewing your property. It makes your property stand out from the crowd by feeling homely and inviting.

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