Social housing – Investing with less risk and more certainty

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that there’s a serious housing crisis in the UK. Even before COVID-19 stuck its teeth into the economy there were thousands of families living in temporary accommodation without a place to call home. Now, nearly a year into a global pandemic, there’s even more families in desperate need of a place to call home.

We, as a group, have set ourselves a target to home 200 families in need over the next 12 months, just over 6 months into this goal and we’ve already helped over 120 families.

Is social housing a good investment strategy? 

With the number of families waiting for homes in the excess of 80,000, there’s a huge demand for social housing throughout the UK. Assesing the ‘need’ in the market for your end users should always be a part of your due diligence. The demand in the social housing sector is vast. Providing homes with the purpose of it being for a family in need, you’re able to ‘give back’ whilst growing your investment portfolio in a growth market.

Investing in social housing with NPP: 

At NPP,  we pride ourselves in creating solutions for time savy investors, which is why we ensure that we have specialists in all areas. On top of having a team of deal finders dedicated to finding our investors properties that work specifically for this strategy, we also have a direct partnership in place with a social housing provider meaning we are able to create contracts and deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

We don’t just find you amazing properties, we create the whole deal.

Is social housing part of your investment strategy for 2021? If so, let’s chat about how we can help you grow your portfolio effectively. 

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