On-Demand Webinar: Property Investment Tool Kit

Duration: 50 minutes

About this webinar

Our CEO, Mike Aspinall has created this webinar to provide you with the tools you need to be investing in property right now. During the webinar you will learn how to understand the market, the different strategies available and how to minimise risk. Mike will also answer any other questions you may have.

Chat and interact with us!

Throughout the webinar you can reach out to us with questions using the chat as well as participate in various polls related to the topics we will be covering. 


Mike Aspinall

CEO, The NPP Group


Understanding the Market

The webinar teach you how to understand the market and how the property cycle works.

Investment Strategies

Different strategies can help you reach different goals. In this webinar we will help you understand which is right for you.

Minimising Risk

All investments come with risk but in this webinar we will show you the steps you can take to minimise your exposure to risk.


Fantastic webinar. Really helped to introduce me to the world of property investment and gain a good understanding of how to get started. Thanks Mike!

Webinar Review 1

I have been investing in property for just over three years, this webinar has helped me to see how I can streamline the work I am doing and give me more time to enjoy life. 

Webinar Review 2

I currently invest in property but have been looking for a way to make my portfolio more hands-off. I have a young family and want to spend my free time with them and not stood on building sites or viewing 100s of properties! This webinar has helped me see how to make that possible.

Webinar Review 3

Richard Broadbent

Existing Investor