Is Now A Good Time To Invest In UK Property?

Investing in property is a safe and tangible asset for you to invest in, which is attractive to anyone trying to compound their wealth. The UK is a great place for overseas property investment because it offers secure and safe growth to investors!

There are several reasons why the UK property market is a good place to invest in Autumn 2022, we are going to highlight 4 of the main reasons:

High Rental Yields

Rental income from UK property offers some of the highest and safest yields in the world, particularly where affordable housing is concerned.

Decreased Value of the Pound

The value of the pound is at its lowest in over 30 years. This provides those overseas with an interest in UK property investment to take advantage of exchange rates and real estate growth within the country.

Lack of Building Opportunities

UK property is likely to encounter long-term capital appreciation, as there is a notable shortage of land available for developers to build new projects. The supply and demand matrix says very much in favour of consistent growth on the small island.

Housing Shortage

As touched upon earlier, the population of the UK is steadily increasing while too few properties have been built in recent years to cope with demand. The government targeted 3000 new homes per year in the uk to attempt to catch up with the demand but the reality is we have never built more than 2500, so the demand continues to increase.

If you are reading this blog post from overseas and are looking to invest in the UK property market, we have good news for you!

The time to convert to pound sterling is right now, whether that is to diversify your business interests or to use UK property as a wealth growing vehicle for you and your family. The NPP Group can be your very own powerteam, with our end-to-end investment service that takes care of every step of your investment journey. 

There is not a better time to invest, get in contact with us today and let the NPP Group do the rest

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