Platinum Investment Service


With fierce competition within the market, how can you ensure you secure the right investments that align with your financial goals?
Our Platinum Service is designed for motivated investors who are tired of missing out on opportunities or wasting time waiting for the perfect deal.
Don’t let potential cashflow and capital appreciation slip away. Take action now and seize the benefits of our Platinum Service.


24 hours early access to deals
Dedicated investment specialist
Reach your goals within a set timeframe
Same price as our packaging fee
Platinum InvestorNon-Platinum Investor
Fees£6,500 + VAT£6,500 + VAT
Search efficiency✔ Streamlined search for the perfect deal within a set timeframe ✖ Wait for the perfect investment to drop in your inbox
Exclusive deal access✔ 24-hour exclusivity to investment opportunities ✖ Compete with thousands of investors in the database
Priority Support


Start of the service

To begin the Platinum Investment Service, you’ll need to make an initial payment of £2,500+VAT as a deposit. Then you can select one of our three high-yielding property strategies and confirm the investment capital.

Once these steps are completed, an Investment Specialist will be assigned to meticulously search for the perfect investment opportunity for you.

Find and secure your best deal

Once our team sources the perfect investment within the timeframe given, they will crunch the numbers, package the deal and will be sent directly to you. You will have 24 hours early access to the opportunity before anyone else.

Sales progression

Once you are happy to proceed, you will need to settle the outstanding sourcing fees (£4,000+VAT) and our team will lead on the sales progression, which involves chasing updates from solicitors and brokers to keep the sale moving smoothly. We will provide ongoing support throughout the whole buying process.

Refurbishment and Interiors

As part of the service, our in-house Development Team will oversee and complete all renovation works so that the property is compliant and ready to be let out. You will have access to our interiors design team to help furnish the property.


We will handle the whole process from start to finish and once your property is ready to be let out, our hands-free service is complete. But it doesn’t end there, you will then be handed over to one of our trusted partners in the north to help you get the property cash flowing and making you a return as soon as possible.

In order to provide our Platinum Investors with the best service possible we are limiting the number of Platinum Investors we work with. Book a call today to be one of them.


Complete the form below to book a call with one of our Investment Specialists to discuss becoming one of our Platinum Investors.


The Platinum Investment Service is a bespoke property investment solution. It is aimed at motivated yet frustrated investors who are working hard to build their portfolios but keep missing out on investments or waste time waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

Instead of waiting for investments to drop in your inbox or frantically checking the internet for the latest opportunities, we help our Platinum Investors secure the best deals.

At NPP, we specialise in sourcing three high-yielding property strategies:


  • Minimum Capital Required: £40K
  • 10-12% expected annual return on capital invested


  • Minimum Capital Required: £75K
  • 12-15% expected annual return on capital invested


  • Minimum Capital Required: £150K
  • 15-20% expected annual return on capital invested

When you sign up for our Platinum Investment Service, you will need to select one of the above strategies and confirm your capital to invest.

It’s a great start that you are already on our investor list. However, being a Platinum Investor gives you a significant advantage: 24 hours of early access to our deals. This means that some of the best deals, which may have been sold before you had a chance to access them, can now be yours.

Without any additional cost, you can enjoy priority access to these exclusive deals, stay ahead of the competition within our investor database and seize the most lucrative investment opportunities.

The duration for finding a deal after signing up can vary due to various factors. While we aim to complete the process within 90 days, it often takes less time, depending on market conditions and your specific investment criteria. 

No, there will not be extra costs on top of the packaging fees (£6,500 + VAT).

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