Exit Options for Your
Property Investment

Once a client has completed the purchase of their investment property and any development and interior works are finalised, there are various exit strategies to pursue depending on both the type of investment property and the client’s objectives.

At Northern Property Partners, we stress the importance of establishing an end goal from the outset. Through extensive consultation, our knowledgeable team of property investment specialists help clients to obtain a clear view of the outcome they are trying to achieve and outline an exit strategy that will act as a measure of their success.


Exploring Property Investment Exit Options

Social Housing Investment Contract

The team at Northern Property Partners have secured long-term contracts with local social housing providers that directly benefits clients who have invested in social housing. We offer secure contracts which guarantee fixed rental income with no maintenance costs.

Letting Services & Property Management

For a buy-to-let or HMO investment property, many clients prefer to leave all aspects of lettings and property management entirely in the capable hands of a letting agent. As well as part owning a lettings agency, Northern Property Partners work closely with multiple letting agents across the country to provide a consistently superior level of service to each of our investors.

Self-Management of a Rental Property

Self-management of a buy-to-let or HMO property can provide investors with a range of benefits, including being arguably more cost-effective. However, despite allowing the investor to have full control over the finer details of managing their property, self-management can be time consuming and often challenging.

Selling an Investment Property

Selling is a good way for investors to turn a profit, especially if the development works have added considerable value to the property. This exit strategy is commonly used for flipping or when there is a peak in the market. At Northern Property Partners, we do not charge any fees to clients when selling to one of our other investors.

Momentum Investing with
Northern Property Partners

Our team of property investment specialists guide investors through the time-proven strategy of recycling cash from their investment properties. This is a powerful way for an investor to use the same money over and over again without financial barriers and to build on their property portfolio indefinitely.

Looking for an Investment Property
Exit Strategy?

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or considering your first property investment, our experienced team are here to guide you through every step of your journey – from seed to exit. We run the numbers on real investments to demonstrate how best to manage your property portfolio in order to secure your long-term financial future.