Whats does the general election mean for property market?


The general election is around the corner and it seems to be a reason people hold off on investing. Let’s break it down!

Buyer demand

According to Rightmove, 95% of people planning to move home say the upcoming election will not affect their plans. 

In fact, there was a BOUNCE in activity after the 2015 and 2019 elections.

What if Labour win?

If Labour comes into government, the pound will likely strengthen. Post-election, we might see a drop in the base rate, leading to cheaper mortgages. 

House prices, which are already increasing, will continue to rise. More investors will jump in because of cheaper mortgages and rising property values. 

Labour is also talking about increasing wages across the public sector to match the private sector. This could level out the affordability ratio, encouraging more people to buy, which in turn pushes house prices up even more.

What does it mean to you as an investor?

It means you could be BUYING NOW before house prices rise even further and before the base rate drops after the election.

There’s always a scarcity mindset—a fear-based reason not to buy. But trust me, you won’t thank yourself for waiting. Ask any property investor, and they’ll tell you, “I wish I bought sooner and bought more.”

Final Remarks

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