Can the use of interior design attract clients to your property?

Definitely! According to the home staging association UK, 94% of estate agents said that staging a property dramatically increases the number of viewings for a property. This shows just how crucial dressing your property is to attract the right buyer.

With there being a high demand for housing, it’s important to ensure your interior design is of a superior finish, which is why we created our own Interiors company as part of The NPP Group.


But does interior design add value to your property?

Without a doubt. By investing in experts to design your interior finishes, you will be able to increase the value of your property. Yes, this will require an initial investment, but the return on that property investment will outweigh any initial price you paid. Why? Because a dressed house will increase viewings, interest and the willingness to buy it by potential buyers or tenants being able to easily visualise themselves living there.

When using a specialist company like Changing Spaces, the process couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is choose one of the design concepts and the girls will take care of all the rest. They are up to date on current trends and can match their skillset and extensive knowledge to your specific target audience.


What have Changing Spaces accomplished recently?

The team at Changing Spaces have just completed designing a 5 Bed HMO in Stockport. The client chose our Geometric concept. This bold, bright concept has always been a favourite among our clients.

And we’re not surprised! The patterns and prints are so versatile that they provide a fresh look on all forms of the interior including décor, walls and bedding!

With a vast portfolio in HMO property, the team are experts in creating a space that will stand out from the competition and they only aim to offer superior quality interiors for your tenants. By making your property appealing enough, your tenants can imagine living there and therefore increase their chances of buying it!

The girls at Changing Spaces offer a free NO obligation quote at the initial meeting to discuss your ideas and preferences! Amazing, right?

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